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IT'S UP TO US! Manifesto of the CSN

IT'S UP TO US! Manifesto of the CSN

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The manifesto It’s Up To Us was written in 1971. It was adopted in October of that year by the conseil confédéral de la Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN) as a study document for its June 1972 convention. With 100,000 copies printed, it had a huge impact on the labour movement in Quebec.

We republish the manifesto here because it contains a very accurate analysis of capitalist domination in Quebec at the time. The text highlights imperialist domination in the province, and also points out that there is no future for Quebec workers under capitalism. The document concludes by asserting the need for a planned, socialist economy, “an economic system controlled by the workers.” More than 45 years after its publication, this conclusion remains relevant.

First Published1971
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