Branch bulk order page


Comrades can use this page to quickly place bulk orders of papers, booklets, books, posters and stickers for their local branch stock. Comrades who are purchasing in bulk can benefit from discounts off the public price of most items. Branches that sell these items onto the public can keep the surplus and use it to build their local branch fund.

Comrades must use a series of discount codes in order to get the bulk pricing. Add the following codes to your cart at checkout time:

  • B1905PAPER will reduce the cost of CR/RC papers to $2 each and IDOM to $5 each
  • B1905BOOKLET will reduce the cost of booklets to $4 each

In order to save on shipping costs, comrades living close to a CR office should choose the "pickup" option at checkout. A full-timer will then arrange a time that someone from your branch can come by and pick up your order. Note that for security reasons only the PO Box of the office is listed online. If you do not know the office address please get in touch with your local branch leadership or a CC member who can give you the address.

Comrades living in regions without an office can use the code B1905REGIONSHIP to get free shipping. This means that the centre will be charged the shipping costs for the order. Therefore this option is only available for comrades in regions without an office. Comrades in major cities who use this code will have their orders rejected.

Finally, please note that these discounts are for bulk orders only, not for the individual use of comrades or supporters. Comrades making purchases for themselves should use the public store, or buy from their branch stock at the full price. Do not share these codes outside of the organization.

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